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Glucose Meter Training Days

Thursday 29th June

9.30am 2pm and 3pm – Conservatory, Education Centre

Reward 1A – All Qualified / Registered Staff 

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust bonus payment incentive for all qualified / registered staff has been extended.
Earn yourself a £150 bonus for every extra 33 hours you work for  NHS Professionals in our 01 May 2018 -  30 October 2018 time frame*.  

*Applies equally to full and part-time staff. Week calculated Saturday to Friday. All staff will receive their usual NHSP payments for any additional hours worked via NHSP. 

The bonus will be paid once a month via NHSP providing the 33 hours have been worked within the time frame, authorised, released and processed for payment.  
£150 is a gross payment subject to your usual Tax and National Insurance deductions. 

Shifts worked up to:

Timesheet cutoff date

Payment of bonus dates

End of May 2018

Wednesday 13th June

Friday 22nd June

End of June 2018

Wednesday 11th July

Friday 20th July

End of July 2018

Wednesday 8th August

Friday 17th August

End of August 2018

Wednesday 12th September

Friday 21st September

End of September 2018

Wednesday 10th October

Friday 19th October

End of October 2018

Wednesday 14th November

Friday 23rd November

Reward 1B – All Unqualified / unregistered Staff

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have replaced the incentive scheme that ran to 30 April 2018 with an hourly pay increase to top of band effective from 1st May to 31st October 2018.
There is no qualifying criteria, so the uplifted hourly pay will apply to each shift you work via NHSP and will be paid weekly.
The new rates are effective from 1st May 2018 until 31st October 2018 and will apply to all unqualified assignments including those that are pre-booked. NHSP and the Trust will review the current pay uplift incentive and communicate to all Chesterfield
bank workers once a decision has been agreed as to how the Trust wish to proceed with pay rates after the current pay increase has ended

Band & Spine Point

Pay Rates

Day rate (£)

Night Rate\ Saturday  (£)

Sunday \ Bank Holiday (£)

2   08

Fixed term rate




3   07

Fixed term rate




4   07

Fixed term rate




5   08

Fixed term rate




6   09

Fixed term rate




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