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Royal Rewards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital -  £150 bonus for 33 extra hours with NHSP

Nurses, Midwives, HCAs, Midwifery Assistants & Bank only staff! 

Earn yourself a £150 bonus for every extra 33 hours you work for  NHS Professionals in our July 21 2017 - March 31 2018 timeframe*.  

And if you complete the hours sooner, start to work towards another bonus straight away. 

*Applies equally to full and part-time staff. Week calculated Saturday to Friday. All staff will receive their usual NHSP payments for any additional hours worked via NHSP. 

The bonus will be paid once a month via NHSP providing the 33 hours have been worked within the time frame, authorised and released.  

£150 is a gross payment subject to your usual Tax and National Insurance deductions.

Glucose Meter Training for Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Training takes approximately 45 minutes

These are drop in sessions and do not require booking

Thursday 1st March



9.30am, 10.30am, 1pm and 2pm - Conservatory, Education Centre.

Thursday 29th March

9.30,10.30am – Conservatory, Education Centre

1pm, 2pm – Room 3A/B, Education Centre


Note: CSW00 that there are last minute shifts available at Chesterfield Royal Hospital please check regularly on My Bank for this last minute shift availability or to contact the local NHSP team.

There are currently no events or training to show.