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Glucose Meter Training Days

Thursday 25th May

9.30am, 2pm and 3pm - Conservatory, Education Centre.

Thursday 29th June

9.30am 2pm and 3pm – Conservatory, Education Centre

Royal Rewards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Reward 1 - £150 bonus for 33 extra hours with NHSP  - Nurses, Midwives, HCAs, Midwifery Assistants & Bank only staff

Earn yourself a £150 bonus for every extra 33 hours you work for  NHS Professionals in our July 21 2017 - April 30 2018 time frame*.  

And if you complete the hours sooner, start to work towards another bonus straight away. 

*Applies equally to full and part-time staff. Week calculated Saturday to Friday. All staff will receive their usual NHSP payments for any additional hours worked via NHSP. 

The bonus will be paid once a month via NHSP providing the 33 hours have been worked within the time frame, authorised, released and processed for payment.  

£150 is a gross payment subject to your usual Tax and National Insurance deductions. Payment Dates for the incentive are 16.03.18 and 20.04.18.

Reward 2 – Trust MPH Registered Nurses only - for non-bed holding areas only  

Earn an extra £3 per hour for any hours worked in these non-bed holding areas via NHSP Monday – Friday daytime only.
Payment will be made via Trust Payroll.
Reward 3 – Trust MPH Registered Nurses, Midwives and ODP’S only

Registered Nurses and Midwives – work 84 hours per year via NHSP and the Trust will reimburse your annual NMC registration fee.
ODP’s – work 84 hours per year via NHSP and the Trust will reimburse your bi-annual professional registration fee.
Payment will be made via Trust Payroll.

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